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Ruger – Addiction Ft. Stefflon Don

Ruger – Addiction Ft. Stefflon Don ,Ruger – Blue ,Ruger – I Want Peace

Ruger Addiction Mp3 Download

The song Addiction by Ruger featuring Stefflon Don is about the addictive power of love. The singer compares his love interest to a drug that he can’t get enough of. He sings, “I’m addicted to you, I can’t get enough / I need you like a drug, I can’t function without you.”

The song’s lyrics are full of metaphors and similes that compare love to addiction. For example, the singer says that he is “hooked” on his love interest, and that she is “like a drug” to him. He also says that he is “going through withdrawals” when he is not with her.

The song’s title, “Addiction,” is a clear indication of the song’s theme. The singer is clearly addicted to his love interest, and he is willing to do anything to be with her. He is willing to put himself through pain and suffering just to be near her.

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